• Can Women Have It All?

    Some said an ideal life is having it all.
    Yet, do we really need “all”?
    If yes, how?

  • What is your vision for “having it all”?

    We have stories to tell

    We believe that there are many ways to have it all.

    Everyone has a unique story to weave and to tell.

    Join us on a journey, to look for answers and unlimited possibilities of this era.

  • I want to be there for my children as they grow, without having to give up my dreams.

    “As a woman and a mother, I would like to be there for my children as they grow up. At the same time, I have pressure from nowhere, pushing me back to workforce after my children turn three. Since I regard having my own job to be a key to feel dominant of my life.”—Tunny

    I strive to shatter social expectation and gender predicament

    “In modern society, most families cannot survive without dual income. However, most men still live in the misconception that family is merely a woman’s business - women are desired to manage both family and work in order to live up to social expectations.”—Niao

    I look forward to Womany's service, 1Q

    “I look forward to Womany’s service - to exchange ideas and form a community with mutual assistance. I’m thrilled to see Womany bringing up such issue. I think a lot of people out there are also longing for a solution.”—Lisa

    I believe that the definition of “having it all” should be more inclusive.

    “Having it all is actually having everything ‘I’ wanted. This concept is based on ‘self’ instead of trying to fulfill someone else’s expectation. I believe every case should be accepted- without good or bad, right or wrong. It’s all about enjoying yourself.”—Annie

    I wonder why is women the only one involved in such issue?

    “I don’t agree that women should be “the one” to take care of children and family. I also do not understand why women are supposed to strike a balance among everything while men never have to spare a thought?”—Angela

  • Having it all while growing up

    We’ve all been through that phase where we struggle not being able to have it all.

    Three common ground can be found:


    Highly gender-related

    They are extremely “genderized”

    even though they were deemed irrelevant to gender most of the time.

    Complicated and neglected

    Difficult to resolve, thus resulting in rendering them being ignored or deemed irresolvable.


    Hardly holds an answer

    There's no standard answer for all. The answer is often determined by demand, experience, gender role or identity.


  • The difficulties for Asian women to have it all

    As Asian women, more or less have we questioned ourselves why we were not able to “have it all” in our career, family and relationships.

    Similar discussions have occurred in the West...

    Sheryl Sandberg published “Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead” in 2012, encouraging females to advance in career while seeking for supportive partners and family. However, in “Unfinished Business: Women Men Work Family”, written by Anne-Marie Slaughter, argued that Sheryl’s means might not be applicable to all. She put forward a vision and blueprint for future careers.

    Asian women seeking for a solution together

    We believe that Asian women are faced with more domestic and inner pressure due to cultural factors. Womany is determined to take action and seek for a suitable solution tailored for us. We will start off with understanding the issue, enhancing empowerment, seeking for solutions and support.

  • The Birth of 1Q

    Womany has long been focusing on gender issues, while arousing social awareness.

    Within the 6 years of our establishment, we have encountered countless women who were equally concerned with gender issues.

    We’re eager to find a solution to those unsolvable yet crucial gender issues in life through crowdsourced-brainstorming, and therefore the birth of 1Q.


    Through 1Q, we would be able to identify the core of the problem, and focus on the solution with mutual support.

    1Q will bring out current gender issues and embark on a solution-seeking journey with these three elements:

  • Asking questions. Searching for answers.

    We want to find the answers from all around the world, hoping to hear all possibilities. This site contains:

    Serial content

    Be inspired through fine reading and context


    get possible solutions through in-depth videos

    Community Engagement

    support each other through intimate community

  • You ask. We answer.